Timeline & Earnings

Timeline of Events and Spirit Airlines Earnings

October 2014—The Company approaches the Spirit MEC seeking early negotiations in the hopes of streamlining the process.

February 2015—The pilots’ Negotiating Committee begins meeting with the Company with the goal of achieving a new contract prior to the amendable date

June 2015—The Negotiating Committee releases a comprehensive contract comparison to the pilot group, demonstrating the gap between Spirit pilots and their peers. The Company stated it could not meet the terms of the Association’s economic proposal.

August 1, 2015–The contract becomes amendable. ALPA and management enter negotiations under Section 6 of the Railway Labor Act.

January 2016—The pilots release an updated industry comparison demonstrating that the gap is widening

April 2016–Spirit CEO Bob Fornaro tells shareholders that Spirit pilots’ compensation is in the lowest “tier” of the industry.

June 2016—ALPA provides a comprehensive package proposal to the Company. The pilots also hold an informational picket event outside of the Company’s shareholder meeting, demanding a fair contract.

July 2016–ALPA files for federal mediation after months of negotiations fail to produce a tentative agreement.

October 2016—Spirit pilots picket outside Dallas Fort Worth Airport

December 2016–Spirit pilots engage in informational picketing events in Fort Lauderdale. More than 200 Spirit pilots picket Company headquarters.

March 2017–ALPA presents a comprehensive economic proposal to the Company.

April 2017–The Company presents its economic proposal to pilots during negotiations

August 2017—Spirit Pilots mark two years since the amendable date with ad and billboard campaign

August 2017—Spirit MEC calls for a Strike Authorization vote

September 2017—Spirit MEC announces results of Strike Authorization vote: 100% voted to conduct a lawful strike once they are released from negotiations by the National Mediation Board 

September 2017Talks break down with no further sessions scheduled with the National Mediation Board

September 2017—Pilots hold informational picketing events in Detroit and Las Vegas

October 2017—Pilots hold informational picketing event in Chicago

November 2017—Pilots hold informational picketing events in Dallas and Fort Lauderdale

FY17 Q3 Earnings – http://ir.spirit.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=1045500 

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