Temporary Restraining Order

On May 8, 2017, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida entered a Temporary Restraining Order broadly enjoining the Spirit pilots, ALPA, your MEC Officers and Representatives and Members of the MEC Negotiating Committee from interfering with Spirit’s flight operations.

Under order of the Court, we must immediately resume normal flight operations. You must resume your normal working schedule and practices: pick up open time flying and accept junior assignment flying.

A copy of the Court’s order is attached. Please carefully read all of it. It applies to ALPA, your MEC and you. The Court has broadly enjoined:

calling, permitting, instigating, authorizing, encouraging, participating in, approving, or continuing any form of interference with Plaintiff’s airline operations, including, but not limited to, any strike, work stoppage, sick-out, slowdown, work to rule campaign, concerted refusal to accept voluntary or overtime flight assignments, or other concerted refusal to perform normal pilot operations consistent with the status quo, including but not limited to, slow taxiing, writing up maintenance items, calling in fatigued, delaying flights, refusing to answer a call from the scheduling, refusing to fly an aircraft that meets legal requirements for flight, or refusing to accept voluntary or overtime flying

The Court has ordered ALPA and the named pilot representatives to take “all reasonable steps within their power to prevent the aforesaid actions and to immediately cease the aforesaid actions.” The Spirit MEC will meet shortly to be fully briefed on the Court’s order and the duty imposed on ALL of us to comply with it.

You must resume your normal working schedule and practices: pick up open time flying and accept junior assignment flying. So that we are clear: you must immediately cease and desist from any concerted refusal to conduct pilot operations in the normal manner, including regarding picking up open time, accepting junior assignment flying and answering calls from crew scheduling, and to cease and desist from any and all other refusals to perform normal pilot operations. You must also cease and desist all exhortations or communications encouraging any refusal to perform normal flight operations. Failure to follow this directive may result in fines, suspension or other sanction by the Court as well as ALPA and damages against ALPA and its membership.

The Court has ordered a hearing for May 15 (subject to an agreement to a later date) to extend this order until the completion of Section 6 negotiations. The power of contempt proceedings will place great power in the hands of management, and the Courts, over our conduct as pilots, and as a union. We must demonstrate that we mean business: we WILL get this operation back to normal (whether we agree or not with the Company or with the Court), and we WILL solve our problems at the bargaining table (while continuing to demand that the Company do the same). We WILL show the Court, and the public, that we are the professionals we say we are, and who deserve what we seek.

Read the full TRO at http://spirit.alpa.org/portals/spamec/commdocs/spiritTRO.pdf

In Unity,

Stuart Morrison; Spirit MEC Chairman

Tim Canoll; Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l President

Brian Coley; MEC Vice Chairman; Brian.Coley@alpa.org

Michael LoRusso; MEC Secretary-Treasurer; Michael.LoRusso@alpa.org

LEC18; LEC18@alpa.org; Todd.Hirshon@alpa.org; Michael.Luckstone@alpa.org

LEC77; LEC77@alpa.org; Ryan.Pachkofsky@alpa.org; James.Ackerman@alpa.org

LEC 109; LEC109@alpa.org; Tim.Connors@alpa.org;