Spirit Pilots Reach an Agreement in Principle

The Spirit Airlines Master Executive Council (MEC) announced January 12 that after nearly three years of bargaining, the pilots and management had reached an agreement in principle (AIP) on a new labor contract. Although the MEC was under a gag order from the National Mediation Board and could not divulge the details, Spirit pilot leaders were able to report that the AIP added approximately $56 million to the value of the package management offered last fall. 
“Spirit Airlines continues to be successful thanks in large part to the hard work and professionalism of its pilots, and we deserve a new contract that reflects this commitment,” said Capt. Stuart Morrison, the pilot group’s MEC chair and member of the Spirit MEC Negotiating Committee. “This agreement in principle represents a positive step toward this recognition and should help to ensure that our airline is better able to attract and retain the highest quality pilots available.”
Spirit pilot and company negotiators are in Washington, D.C., this week working to finalize the language of the tentative agreement (TA). Following an agreement on final TA language by both parties, the Negotiating Committee will present the TA to the MEC for formal consideration and a decision on whether to send it out to the pilot group for a ratification vote. 
“We look forward to completing the draft and moving on to informational road shows. In the interim, we’re advising our members to continue to do the outstanding professional work they do, each and every day.” Capt. Morrison added. “If we decide to proceed, Spirit pilots must make every effort to read the TA and attend domicile road shows so that they can ask questions and make informed decisions about our collective future.”

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