Spirit passengers want discount tickets, not discount pilots!

Spirit Airlines offers low fares and low compensation to pilots, who take home 40 percent less than their peers. Meanwhile, the airline recently celebrated 28 straight quarters of company profits.


“Spirit pilots have helped the company realize record profits, but without an industry-standard contract in place, the company may not be able to attract new pilots to carry out its growth plans,” said Capt. Stuart Morrison, chair of the Spirit unit of ALPA. “Spirit pilots should not be yet another cost-saving line item at this airline.”


Spirit Airlines, known for its no-frills business approach, is proposing a compensation package for its pilots that would cement the group in a low-tier wage structure; in fact, Spirit pilots are currently some of the lowest-compensated pilots in the industry. “We need a contract that will keep the airline competitive, profitable, affordable, and will pay Spirit pilots like other professional pilots rather than the below market wages they now receive,” Capt. Morrison said. “High-tier earnings should not equal low-tier pilot compensation; it’s time management recognizes that qualified, professional Spirit pilots deserve an industry-standard contract.”


It’s time for Spirit management to provide an industry-standard contract for qualified, professional pilots.

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